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Mulla Mulla

Mulla Mulla – For Fire, Heat & Sun

Mulla Mulla – For Fire, Heat & SunHairy Mulla Mulla

Commonly known as Pink Mulla Mulla or Tall Mulla Mulla belongs to the Amaranthaceae family of which there are 131 species found in Australia (FloraBase, 1998).

Years ago, as a Tour Director, I was touched by the vast spread of Mulla Mulla found across the Pilbara (WA) and in the Red Centre of Australia.  As this bush flower originates in some of the hottest regions of Australia, its ability to help with conditions that relate to heat is well documented.  It can assist in menopause when women may experience hot flushes. It’s pinkish (purplish) hue is reminiscent of sunburnt skin and can be used to spray on the skin to alleviate heat generated from the sun. It could of course also be taken internally for this.

The flowers are densely packed, with a soft downy ‘’hair’’ which provides the appearance of pink emerging through white which indicates the ability of this essence to release stored heat (i.e. from sunburn).

  • It can be used as a remedy with Fringed violet to release stored radiation. When used for this it assists in tolerating higher radiation doses and reduces the amount of radiation burning people suffer in cases studies.
  • It can be used with Little Flannel Flower to deal with past burns and anger.
  • As it grows in the hottest of climates it can be used where there is any burning sensation in the body – for example:  eczema, vaginitis, or burning feet (taken internally and sprayed directly on the area or in a cream).
  • Used in travel (flying) when above 12,000 m above the ground with increased possibility of radiation.

Used with Little Flannel Flower to deal with past burns and/ or repressed anger (White, 1999). Mulla Mulla

With the recent ravages of bush fires across Queensland with more to come as we enter into Summer across Australia, this bush flower essence could be used to assist the fear associated with burning fires that pose a threat to our lives.


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Mulla Mulla can be obtained from Karen Green – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist on 0400836254 or email


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