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Spectacular nature in full glory! The Jacaranda Tree

Spectacular nature in full glory! The Jacaranda Tree

Spectacular Nature - JacarandaSpectacular nature in full glory, the blossoms of the Jacaranda Tree are in full bloom at the beginning of Spring. I was out driving recently and couldn’t help myself. I had to stop and take a photo of the glorious blooms in front of me. Striking lavender bell-like flowers and the delicate lacey foliage has much to reveal.

If you haven’t yet discovered Bush Flower Essences by Ian White, then Spring may be the time to do so.  The bush flowers are subtle yet powerful and can offer much when times get tough, when stresses develop and emotions run high.

So what’s special about Jacaranda for you. The ancient Chinese believed true healing came from healing with what surrounds us. In our modern times we can do the same. Notice what blooms, what we choose to grow and what grows best in the different seasons. Surrounding and immersing yourself with this, is what heals.

Jacaranda – Jacaranda mimosaefolia Spectacular Nature - Jacaranda Tree

With its striking lavender flowers Jacaranda, which grows to up to 30 metres high, is deciduous, with numerous bell-shaped flowers that fall to the ground to form a mauve carpet, is for ditherers.

If you find yourself unable to focus, you are easily distracted, and find it difficult complete projects then this flower is for you.  Jacaranda types, are scattered, are rushing here and there, and start many projects at once and find it difficult to finish them.

They move from house to house frequently finding it difficult to settle, and feel insecure about making the ‘right’ decision, which can leave them feeling panic and fear.  Their illnesses can be those that change a lot, with pains that move about or suffer from nervous rashes or exhaustion.  They can be accident prone as being unfocused can cause clumsiness.

Being still is definitely the antidote for Jacaranda people. We may have times in life when things are unsettled, and it can be useful to take Jacaranda, however the true Jacaranda person doesn’t know when or how to stop.

The Positive:  Taking Jacaranda essence or immersing yourself around the glorious Jacaranda Tree and flowers enables you to clear headed, poised and able to easily make decisions. Jacaranda imparts flexibility as required however you are able to judge whether a situation or course of action is likely to achieve your desired results. Jacaranda enables you to easily put strategies into action and successfully complete projects.

Interesting to note that Jacaranda is in full bloom in Spring, when the Spring rains come, with water flowing everywhere. In fact, water being the most difficult to contain of the elements.

Want to experience Jacaranda for yourself? Feel this could the essence for you?jacaranda-flowers-3

Simply pick some flowers from the tree or ground, place them in a small bag and place them under your pillow at night to allow Jacaranda to do its magic.  Take a photo of the beautiful blooms at this time of the year and mediate on this plant to allow the energy of Jacaranda to come into your life.

Alternatively book a consult with Karen from Gaining Health Naturally. A flower essence short consultation (only) and your personalised essences can be sent to you as well.


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