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15 low histamine breakfast recipes

15 Low Histamine Recipes

15 Low Histamine Recipes for Histamine Intolerance

Lately I’ve been doing a big deep dive into the world of histamine as I have struggled with symptoms myself and decided the best option was to engage in a low histamine diet. Histamine can be tricky to understand and confusing which is why I developed recipes booklets and a program to help people along the way.

15 Low Histamine Recipes

Get your 15 Low Histamine Recipes here

Let’s refresh! Histamine Intolerance is an excess build up or difficulty with degrading (breaking down histamine) in the body for a number of reasons:

  • You eat predominantly high histamine foods
  • You have a SNP (mutation) on the DAO gene (and too a lesser extent HMNT)
  • You have leaky gut (hyperpermeability) or SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
  • Internally you are feeding the gut bacteria that stimulate histamine or perhaps your probiotic is contributing.
  • Histamine tests are not considered accurate so determining whether its histamine intolerance or another allergy can be part of the process to work out.
Histamine Release

Here are the symptoms that can occur with histamine excess:

Common Symptoms of Histamine Intolerance

  • Rashes and hives (urticaria). Urticaria can cause red, itchy or blotches on the skin that can be large, that come and go and are sometimes undiagnosed (referred to as idiopathic or from unknown cause).
  • A runny nose (rhinitis/ rhinorrhoea) with hay fever like symptoms
  • Watery itchy eyes which could lead to conjunctivitis (and not necessarily lead to conjunctivitis).
  • Itching of the skin: eyes, ears and nose (with or without an accompanying rash)
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Digestive upsets and heartburn (indigestion, GERD (reflux), both diarrhoea and/or constipation, IBS for example)
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Psychological symptoms that may include irritability and/or confusion
  • Low blood pressure or hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Tachycardia (the sensation of a racing heart)
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Sweating and feeling faint
  • Chest pains that resemble anxiety or a panic attack which may include breathing difficulties
  • Swelling of the face and mouth, sometimes around the throat (angioedema) with throat tightening

Not all symptoms occur at the same time and the severity of the symptom depends on an individual’s ability to deal with excess histamine.

The signs and symptoms for “histamine sensitivity” are very broad with almost all people being able to recognise at least one of these.  It is expected that less than 1% of the population are histamine intolerant.  Therefore, there is a good chance that this doesn’t apply to most people however if you know of someone who has continual, chronic ‘’allergy-like’’ symptoms then it is worth checking histamine. 

What do you do about histamine intolerance?

  • Eat a low histamine diet is the best way forward. Simple and easy to prepare breakfast recipes are a great place to start. Here is my booklet which give you 15 to choose from. Preparation and making sure you have the foods you need in the house is important with histamine.
  • Make sure you eat foods immediately once prepared and if storing freeze meals as much as possible. Histamine develops over time in foods.
  • Limit your intake of aged, processed, leftoevers, long cooking of meats and foods. the longer they sit around the more histamine develops. It can’t be removed in fact as a food degrades (the microbes that degrade it) histamine increases.
  • Some medications also create more histamine. Head to my new workshop that includes everything you need to know about histamine. This workshop is a dive into the world of histamine so you can understand the do’s and don’ts more easily.

Get your 15 Low Histamine Recipes here

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