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Genetic Testing – Toward better Health

Genetic Testing – Toward better Health


Find out what is lurking beneath

How to work with your genes &

Turn on your health!

Now don’t turn off – it doesn’t have to be difficult and yes I get it sometimes it seems that way!

Genetic Testing – The tests best for you

Genetic testing uses laboratory methods (usually a buccal swab of the inside of your cheek however a blood draw can also be taken) to look at your genes, which are the DNA instructions you inherit from your mother and your father. Genetic tests may be used to identify increased risks of health problems, to choose treatments, or to assess responses to treatments.

There are several companies that can be used.

Genetic Testing – What suits you?

This is dependent on your needs and what you are looking for.

MTHFR Genetic Testing

If you decide that MTHFR is the only test you would like checked then Gaining Health Naturally can provide you with a test kit or ask you to call the functional pathology to order one. The buccal swab test sample is then sent to the functional pathology company which usually takes about 3 weeks for the return result.

Methylation profiles

If you would like more specifically to know how your methylation processes are occurring in your body then this type of test may be chosen. It enables you to see how your methylation processes, a bit like a freeway, sometimes they are choked with traffic and other times not depending on the genetic mutations (SNP’s) or they may have some moderate traffic (maybe toxins, chemicals) that may be caused through lowered specific nutrients that clear the way more freely. Methylation profiles can be carried out as a genetic test or urinary acids each providing different outcomes for the patient/client.

Several companies that I use offer methylation profiles and other Genetic Testing for health. If you are interested contact Karen Green (click on the link for details).

23andme – Genetic Testing

If you would like to have a more comprehensive testing of your DNA then 23andme may be one company used. 23andme is by far the most comprehensive of the genetic testing that is carried out today. It seems challenging and it’s not. The test is ordered online through the States. The test is cheaper if two people do it together. The cost of postage is expensive as it must arrive within a certain time frame.

It provides a comprehensive Ancestry report and raw genetic data. This raw genetic data needs to be interpreted into more readable information. There are several companies who do this. Once you have the semi-interpreted data it then needs to be interpreted into an understandable form so you can utilise this for your health. Remember with genes if you are not expressing you are not expressing. There are certain genes that provide clinical health information for us. Some genes require you work on them as a way of prevention toward a disease or progression of a disease state. There are no guarantees and remember this is a new area of health that is progressing at a rapid rate across the world.

Gaining Health Naturally have a passion for this work including interpreting your genetic information. We recently attended the Seeking Health Conference in Denver Colorado hosted by Dr Ben Lynch so we could continue our learning and be the best we can be at interpreting genetics.

Call or email us today – Gaining Health Naturally – 0400836254 –

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