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Celebration indulgences? Here’s 8 Easy Tips to balance

Celebration indulgences? Here’s 8 Easy Tips to balance

We all indulge, over eat, over consume alcohol during the Christmas and New Year Celebrations. Celebration indulgences? Here’s 8 Easy Tips to balance from those blow out celebrations. It’s not about not celebrating its about enjoying life and pulling back when you know you need to. Listen to what you body is telling you.

  • Celebration indulgences? Here's 8 Easy Tips to balanceAfter a few alcoholic beverages, drink filtered water the next day with a squeeze of lemon juice or some chlorophyll to cleanse – you can purchase some here it’s not too late if you order by the 18th Dec. Getting more headaches or feeling out of sorts? Consider hydration above all else. It’s warming up so don’t forget to drink your water as it is super important during Australia’s hot long Summer!
  • Drinking too much alcohol over time stops anti-diuretic hormone from being produced with the kidneys not getting a chance to reabsorb water and therefore you pee more and potentially become dehydrated. Between alcoholic drinks (you already know this one!), drink filtered or electrolyte-based drinks to re-hydrate. Basica Active is one of my favourites (which is practitioner only so if you have had a consultation with me I can prescribe this for you).
  • With larger and more celebratory meals on the way, why not include digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid (HCI) or gentian (a bitter herb) to assist digestion. If you are over 40 years of age the chances are that your digestive capacity is changing, and you just may need this support. I recommend these regularly if digestion is impaired. They help in digesting high protein, high fat, high carbohydrate meals.Celebration indulgences? Here's 8 Easy Tips to balance
  • Mindful practices around “not holding onto your breathe” is important to reduce and lower stress. Checking into yourself regularly and make sure you are breathing in and out and not holding on which is super important.
  • Pace out high sugar, highly refined foods. Bingeing creates spikes in blood glucose levels which promotes highs and lows of energy and mood throughout the day.  Between these foods chose fresh wholesome ones, that contain protein and healthy fats to buffer the sugar and refined white foods that convert to glucose quickly. Increasing fibre also slows down this release and helps to cleanse the body as well.
  • Glutathione (the master antioxidant of the body), helps to clear away nasty chemicals and toxins that may build during celebratory festivals. If you are over indulging or feel that you are in a state of oxidative stress you may be churning through this important antioxidant. Taking this or its friend NAC (both practitioner prescribed & supplied), may just be what you need to help.
  • Exercise, even walking after a big meal assists digestion as you are relaxed and this enhances your digestive juices and capacity.  In my childhood, we always played cricket after the big Christmas meal – which would have helped tremendously. Relax and nurture is also the prescription for the day!
  • Fast just a little after a big meal. Studies show if we abstain from food for 14-16 hours after our last meal we not only burn up the stored glucose, we elongate our telomeres (helps with DNA repair), you are less likely to indulge in the next meal, as the body ”pulls back and you tend to remain less hungry”. Remaining hydrated is the key during this time. This practice is not recommended if you are unwell or ill.  This needs to be done under the watchful eye of a suitable practitioner. Naturally, we may abstain after indulgences and generally not want to eat as much the next day which is what I would agree with.

Celebration indulgences? Here’s 8 Easy Tips to balance – And here’s number 9 – Make sure you take it easy!

If you feel that you are ready to start the New Year 2018 with a general overhaul and improve your health and well-being why not Book in for an appointment today with Karen.

May 2018 be your best health year yet.

With gratitude – thank you for your support in 2017. I hope to see you again in clinic or perhaps consult with you online in 2018. Both Skype and Phone consultations available. Merry Christmas and happy celebrations from Karen Green at Gaining Health Naturally.

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Celebration indulgences? Here's 8 Easy Tips to balance

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