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Flower Essences

Bottlebrush for Spring

Bottlebrush for Spring

Bottlebrush for Spring and it means Spring has sprung! It is used for clearing and cleansing. Whilst studying and learning from my amazing teachers at “Balance for Life” I was taught an old Chinese way of healing; “We heal with what surrounds us”. Although we have a fast paced life a little different from Ancient Chinese ways I couldn’t help noticing the beautiful bottle-brushes blooming profusely here in Melbourne at the moment.

Bottlebrush, from the genus Callistemon, is also a Flower Essence used to heal the physical, mental, intellectual & spiritual aspects. It is used for clearing and cleansing away the old and for us to deal with change easily nd effortlessly.

Bottlebrush – Callistemon linearis

Bottlebrush for Spring

As it clears away (like a brush) bottlebrush helps us to let go and move through change with greater ease. It helps to brush away the past and allows a person to move on to new beginnings and experiences. Life is full of endings and beginnings, bringing constant change. In fact, we know there is constant climate change that is impacting many Australians as I write this. Bottlebrush helps with major life changes or turning points including starting school, getting a job, marriage, divorce, moving house, retirement and even transitioning to the afterlife (death).

If we resist change, we block the flow of life. Today more than ever we need to be flexible, adaptable and develop resilience.

Bottlebrush for Spring

The negative side of Bottlebrush

Overwhelmed by major life changes including in adolescence, parenthood, pregnancy, menopause, old age and in approaching death. These are all times when bottlebrush is called for.

Positive outcomes

  • Serenity and calmness
  • Coping with ease
  • Ability to move on

Note: Bottlebrush flower essences is not advisable for children under 12 years as we need to allow them to have their life experiences without interference.

Bottlebrush for Spring

Bottlebrush can be used for

Addictions, constipation (the need to let go along with boronia), arteriosclerosis (plaque build-up in the arteries), Back pain (particularly in the thoracic region – between the shoulders), blood disorders (cleansing and clearing), cellulite and swelling (clearing lymph), muscle cramps (can benefit), viruses, foot problems (the need to move forward), haemorrhoids (clearing and cleansing), skin issues,

The positive overall aspect of this essence allows a person to flow through life and its changes, being able to let go of the past and move ahead into the new.

When you see bottlebrush today, know that it has come into your life to help heal you! Take on bottlebrush energy and order your essence today!

Bottlebrush for Spring
picture from the Australian National Herbarium –

Bottlebrush Affirmations for Spring

I, your name, now allow myself to move easily and effortlessly with life’s changes.

I, your name, welcome new change and the responsibility of pregnancy/adolescence.

I, your name, let go of the past, breaking the bonds that bind, so I can move forward with grace and gratitude.


Australian National Herbarium –

Ian White – Australian Bush Flower Essences, 1991, Bantam Books

I have so much gratitude to my teachers past, present and future including Glenys Rochford, Marshall Lever & life! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Make a booking with Karen today for your unique flower essence to be made including Bottlebrush on or call 0400836254 or head to for more information.

Mulla Mulla – For Fire, Heat & Sun

Mulla Mulla – For Fire, Heat & SunHairy Mulla Mulla

Commonly known as Pink Mulla Mulla or Tall Mulla Mulla belongs to the Amaranthaceae family of which there are 131 species found in Australia (FloraBase, 1998).

Years ago, as a Tour Director, I was touched by the vast spread of Mulla Mulla found across the Pilbara (WA) and in the Red Centre of Australia.  As this bush flower originates in some of the hottest regions of Australia, its ability to help with conditions that relate to heat is well documented.  It can assist in menopause when women may experience hot flushes. It’s pinkish (purplish) hue is reminiscent of sunburnt skin and can be used to spray on the skin to alleviate heat generated from the sun. It could of course also be taken internally for this.

The flowers are densely packed, with a soft downy ‘’hair’’ which provides the appearance of pink emerging through white which indicates the ability of this essence to release stored heat (i.e. from sunburn).

  • It can be used as a remedy with Fringed violet to release stored radiation. When used for this it assists in tolerating higher radiation doses and reduces the amount of radiation burning people suffer in cases studies.
  • It can be used with Little Flannel Flower to deal with past burns and anger.
  • As it grows in the hottest of climates it can be used where there is any burning sensation in the body – for example:  eczema, vaginitis, or burning feet (taken internally and sprayed directly on the area or in a cream).
  • Used in travel (flying) when above 12,000 m above the ground with increased possibility of radiation.

Used with Little Flannel Flower to deal with past burns and/ or repressed anger (White, 1999). Mulla Mulla

With the recent ravages of bush fires across Queensland with more to come as we enter into Summer across Australia, this bush flower essence could be used to assist the fear associated with burning fires that pose a threat to our lives.


FloraBase (1998)

White, I. (1999) Australian bush flower Healing, Bantam Books, NSW.

Mulla Mulla can be obtained from Karen Green – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist on 0400836254 or email


Spectacular nature in full glory! The Jacaranda Tree

Spectacular nature in full glory! The Jacaranda Tree

Spectacular Nature - JacarandaSpectacular nature in full glory, the blossoms of the Jacaranda Tree are in full bloom at the beginning of Spring. I was out driving recently and couldn’t help myself. I had to stop and take a photo of the glorious blooms in front of me. Striking lavender bell-like flowers and the delicate lacey foliage has much to reveal.

If you haven’t yet discovered Bush Flower Essences by Ian White, then Spring may be the time to do so.  The bush flowers are subtle yet powerful and can offer much when times get tough, when stresses develop and emotions run high.

So what’s special about Jacaranda for you. The ancient Chinese believed true healing came from healing with what surrounds us. In our modern times we can do the same. Notice what blooms, what we choose to grow and what grows best in the different seasons. Surrounding and immersing yourself with this, is what heals.

Jacaranda – Jacaranda mimosaefolia Spectacular Nature - Jacaranda Tree

With its striking lavender flowers Jacaranda, which grows to up to 30 metres high, is deciduous, with numerous bell-shaped flowers that fall to the ground to form a mauve carpet, is for ditherers.

If you find yourself unable to focus, you are easily distracted, and find it difficult complete projects then this flower is for you.  Jacaranda types, are scattered, are rushing here and there, and start many projects at once and find it difficult to finish them.

They move from house to house frequently finding it difficult to settle, and feel insecure about making the ‘right’ decision, which can leave them feeling panic and fear.  Their illnesses can be those that change a lot, with pains that move about or suffer from nervous rashes or exhaustion.  They can be accident prone as being unfocused can cause clumsiness.

Being still is definitely the antidote for Jacaranda people. We may have times in life when things are unsettled, and it can be useful to take Jacaranda, however the true Jacaranda person doesn’t know when or how to stop.

The Positive:  Taking Jacaranda essence or immersing yourself around the glorious Jacaranda Tree and flowers enables you to clear headed, poised and able to easily make decisions. Jacaranda imparts flexibility as required however you are able to judge whether a situation or course of action is likely to achieve your desired results. Jacaranda enables you to easily put strategies into action and successfully complete projects.

Interesting to note that Jacaranda is in full bloom in Spring, when the Spring rains come, with water flowing everywhere. In fact, water being the most difficult to contain of the elements.

Want to experience Jacaranda for yourself? Feel this could the essence for you?jacaranda-flowers-3

Simply pick some flowers from the tree or ground, place them in a small bag and place them under your pillow at night to allow Jacaranda to do its magic.  Take a photo of the beautiful blooms at this time of the year and mediate on this plant to allow the energy of Jacaranda to come into your life.

Alternatively book a consult with Karen from Gaining Health Naturally. A flower essence short consultation (only) and your personalised essences can be sent to you as well.


Ian white Flower Essences About Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences The Bach Centre

Spring Sale at Gaining Health Naturally



The Year of the Earth Dog

Year of the DogThe Year of the Earth Dog Erik the viking

In the year of the Earth Dog, my gorgeous pooch, Erik, continually reminds me to practice letting go, being dedicated to a worthy cause, shows no fear, and seems to be able to do this so easily without a care. Always on the ball, he let’s go when he needs to.

On his walk each day he demonstrates a willingness to have a go, shows no fear when he jumps flying into the air from the beach front landing edge, always landing perfectly on his feet, running on in joy as if to say, “See I can do it, now you can to” and catch me if you can! He will play ball continuously for hours. I have never known such dedication!

He reminds me to trust and to be loyal. He continues (after 2.5 years), to follow me around the house, wherever I go he is not far behind me. He is generous, loyal and kind in spirit and as you can imagine I adore him. The other great thing is that he never answers back, well honestly, he does try sometimes!helping others

In this year of the Dog, we are reminded to be loyal, trustworthy & trusting, and to dedicate our services to others less fortunate.  In these times of continual change may be lending a hand to someone less fortunate may just make a difference to someone.

Apparently, this year is the Male Dog Earth year, the 4715th Chinese year. Brown is connected to the earth and therefore this year is known as the Brown Dog.  According to the Chinese Horoscope theory, Male Earth is connected to the mountains. Dogs contain the Male Earth energy with a little Metal and Fire. The sign of 2018 Male Earth Dog year is two mountains sitting side by side or another mountain beyond a mountain. This shows a strong Earth year. People will focus on real estate, agriculture, environment, territory boundaries or on religious, spiritual pursuits. 2018 is also considered the Mountain Dog year, with the mountain dog displaying characteristics of a wild dog, not to be alarmed! It implies that there may be obstacles on your path however you will find ways to execute your plan ie. find a way around the mountain, dig under it or walk over it. Wisdom is required to find the best way forward, consider your options carefully, investigate thoroughly and use strategies to move forward with ease.

If this year is anything like my puppy, I have nothing to be concerned about. He is full of life, completely dedicated to service, is loyal, trusting, kind, lovable, patient and at times impatient, and lets me know who is boss!

So instead of saying Happy New Year as it seems a bit late for that, I will say ‘Happy Year of the Dog’, and may you find your ability to let go and follow your path without fear, and trust as they do. Helping someone else may just help you!!Chinese Zodiac

In dedication to dogs of all kinds I ask you to give generously to your local dog rescue organisation!

To support and dedicate to their loyalty – A Special Offer for Jan and Feb 2018 – FREE Flower Essence for your pooch with every consultation.

Maybe he or she needs help with separation anxiety, being to bold and aggressive, maybe there are bonding issues (particularly if they are a rescue dog), depression or anxiety prevails. Flower essences are subtle energies that can assist with emotional change or calm the nervous system. They are completely harmless to animals as they consist of the vibrational energy (like homeopathics), and are made with water and preserved with vinegar.

Call or book on the front page of this site an appointment with Karen Green today to discuss the best flowers for your family pooch!

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