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Stress links to Sugar Cravings

Stress links to Sugar Cravings.

Take GABA to reduce your sugar cravings, anxiety related to stress and insomnia.

Stress links to sugar cravings

We know that when stress increases cortisol rises, blood sugar levels drop and bingo cravings for sugar increase. As you increase your sugar consumption your physical addiction to it increases and so the cycle continues.

How do I decrease or eliminate my sugar cravings, you ask?

Yes, you guessed it. Decrease stress, improve sleep and give GABA a go. Gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA for short, is a neurotransmitter that sends chemical messages through the brain and the nervous system and is involved in regulating communication between brain cells. The role of GABA is to reduce the activity of the neurons or nerve cells thereby reducing the body’s response to stress with resulting improved behaviour (less anxiety) and improved cognition (yes when you are stressed thinking and memory is impaired – you know you can’t think straight).

Research suggests that GABA helps to control fear and anxiety when neurons become overexcited.

In a study in 2015, GABA significantly increased circulating insulin levels in the subjects who were either fasting or prescribed food. Although a small study of only 12 people, there were no adverse effects of prescribed GABA reported, and it was rapidly absorbed and tolerated well. It also showed potential therapeutic benefits for those with type II diabetes.

According to Dr Hyman (a well-respected holistic physician in the States), GABA stops sugar cravings, so you don’t need to use willpower. And GABA ends physical anxiety, so you don’t have to manage it. Making food changes, taking nutrients that support and choosing relaxing activities such as yoga to reduce stress can assist in weight loss and managing diabetes. Why not add GABA? Read more on Dr Hyman’s blog on obesity here.

Your Mental Health & GABA

Another well designed study of 63 adults, using capsules containing 100 mg of GABA or dextrin (sugar) as a placebo, showed a reduction in mental stress after 30 minutes of administration. It was concluded that GABA may be responsible for alleviating stress induced by the mental tasks.

In Australia, we have very tight controls on supplements and therapeutic products. So please keep this in mind if you purchase GABA on the net. I can not guarantee the quality with overseas products.

It is recommended to trial GABA if never used before under the guidance of your health professional. Call Karen today to make your appointment or to find out more about consultations visit here

Karen is a full member of the NHAA here


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