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What are your genetic triggers to disease?

What are your genetic triggers to disease?


We never truly understand how important our health is until things start to fall apart. Want to understand the true underlying causes to your health concerns & disease? Genetic testing may help! Why? Your genes don’t lie. 

Find out what is silently lying beneath to determine your health issues

Using your genetic profile & nutrigenomics (how nutrition & lifestyle impact your genes), along with a personalised program learn how you can positively impact your health.

  • We are all born unique with our set of genes mapped from both parents.
  • Latest research show that our genes are and can be influenced by how we live our lives, our food choices, the stresses upon us and the environment we live in.
  • In saying this many of us still believe that what we inherited, determines our FATE. This is part of the reason why we do genetic profiling for health.
  • If you know what is influencing your health, the true underlying causes to your disease state you have the chance to ‘change’ it.  It’s then just a question of how.
  • You can influence the way your genes express if you know which aspects of your genes are impacting your health.


Finding our which genes are affecting your health can be a powerful tool to maximize your potential and prevent disease.

Genetic profiling takes the guess work out of knowing what your underlying triggers are.


  • Find out what may be impacting your disease state.
  • Find out why you may find it difficult to lose weight?
  • Find out the specific changes you require improving your health, based on what your genes are expressing.
  • Learn about your detoxification pathways and what may be helping or preventing you from truly detoxing.
  • Learn about the drivers to your disease including methylation pathways, inflammation and cell defense.Several tests are available. In discussion with Karen Green Naturopath, find out which tests are best suited to you. For some one or two genes is recommended. For others a full panel may be better suited. Cost varies on the testing you choose.  A written report on gene expression potential that can affect health is provided however a minimum of three consultations are required. (There is no point investing and not following up with what is needed).

Karen Green – Brisbane Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist & Fitgenes Practitioner, and Trevor Clarke (Pharmacist), intrepret your genetic data, design individualised programs based on your genetics and that empower you toward long term health and happiness.

Please Note: This does not include single MTHFR testing which does not usually require 3 sessions.

GENETICS TESTS can include: Microbiome Health, Weight Management, Cardiovascular Health, Antioxidant Status, Vitamin D receptor status, Detoxification Pathways, Inflammation & Cell Defense, Methylation Pathways (MTHFR). The type of genetic results depends on the testing you choose to do.

This type of testing involves follow up consultations with Karen. This is a treatment program based on 3 sessions.

Contact Karen Green, Naturopath on 0400836254 or email or to organise your own personal genetic profile and program.

For more information on testing see:


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